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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sad times.

No post tonight, I have done a look, but things (boyfriend shaped things) are making me sad so I am really in no fit state to be writting about being pretty when my face is all blotchy from being upset :(

Monday, 30 July 2012

My Boyfriend made me ill -_-'

OK, so he  has been sick with a tummy bug for a few days, and silly me brushing up on my future nurse skills went to his aid... Oh boy did I fail, I caught the tummy bug too, not as bad but I'm just a mess so I am posting a beauty tip until my face changes back from the charming palid state it is currently in :(
Clean untensils!
What is she talking about? I hear you mutter, but fear not I have not gone mad and I am not about to talk about cutlery or about spatulas or things like that. I am talking about make up utensils, which means your brushes, your sponges, your lash curlers, your blending palettes and your hands, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.
These are your essential pieces of kit to achieve looks that smack people in the retinas as you walk by, brightening peoples lives with your lovely visage. However, they can turn nasty if you do not take care of them, the gross fact is, our skins surface is always renewing itself... so deadskin and gunk falls off it regularly, no matter how  hard you scrub, it happens and it builds up on your brushes and what not, this needs to be cleaned off at least every fortnight or once a week (I do mine once a week, very theraputic actually). Not cleaning them means, when you rub them in your make up you get the face debris in your make up this then goes back on your face, clogs up your pores and gives you pimples :P
How to clean your brushes... You can get specialist brush cleaner, but it is expensive and baby shampoo works just as well, squidge some into the soap thingy on the side of your sink, onto a tile or palette, then wet the brush under warm running water, swirl the brush in the shampoo to make a foam rinse and repeat the whole thing again with fresh blob of shampoo until the foam stops turning the colour of whatever make up was previously on your brush, give the brush a final and thorough rinse to remove all soap, reshape the brushes bristles and leave to dry on a piece of paper towel somewhere sunny like a windowsill.
In terms of your hands, before you apply make up, give them a wash, make sure you get under your finger nails and everything, do the lot, make it a good all round hand wash and a good thorough dry and you'll have no hidden muck on them to creep into your pores and spoil your lovely face or your precious make up.
It's simple, keeps your face clean, keeps your make up clean and prevents pimply doom :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ever stay, never bleed lipstick :D

It's a real pain in the patootie isn't it, when you're out for whatver eason all dolled up and next thing you know, you're looking in a mirror and your lipstick has bled out almost to your nose or has faded to resemble lipliner more than lipstick...
WELL NEVER FEAR FOR I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I am gonna show you how to keep that pouty perfect just applied look all day :D (or at least till you take it off)
Firstly you'll need your self som basic equipment, grab yourself a concealer, preferably a solid one like those shaped as a lipstick I use a W7 cover stick, the one with teatree oil in it, some lipcote, and (this bit's optional) a lip stain in a similar colour to your lipstick.
This I have diagrams for, cause I can :D
OK then Firstly grab your concealer and lliberally line round your lips with it like so:
Then smudge it all into your lips, it acts as a primer and tones out your lip colour to make the one you're applying pop! This also stops the lipstick from bleeding out and gives it good staying power:
Now if you want, or have it, apply your lip stain over the concealer, it acts almost like a colour hold, it just prolongs the colours wear and emphasises your chosen lipstick:
Now apply your lipstick and a liberal coating of lipcote all over your lips and just past the edge of your lips to avoid it wearing off during the festivities :D
Now go forth and party :D

Monday, 23 July 2012


Soon I am endevouring on a big and scary path to potential madness.... I am having my thick curly hair cut short...  or am I...Oh I just don't know :/
Anyway, tonight I'm going to give my beauty rules ago...
Got you didn't I! I bet you were expecting something like "cleanse, tone and moisturise" but what is the point in that if the products you are using are not right for your skin and making your skin suffer rather than making it happy!?
So knowing your skin is essential, it tells you what skin type you have which is generally seperated into these groups:
Oily where your skin is shiney especially on the t-zone (the nose and forehead) and prone to pimples and out breaks.
Dry where your skin is prone to patches of dry skin, especially on the cheeks, your skin may tend to be dull aslo if you do not keep a good routine up leading to dry skin build up.
Normal, where your skin does not suffer from dry patches or excess oil on the skin, tends to be fairly supple and much envied.
Combination where you have that crazy mix of dry skin on the cheeks and oily skin on the t zone (my brother has this type of skin) which makes finding a product that truely works a hassle.
Sensitive skin is prone to any of the above group characteristics and is only classifyable when you use harsh or unsuitable products, sensitive skin goes an angry red colour when products disagree with your skin, it also means you are more prone to pimples because your skin is not happy with your products.

How do I tell which one my skin is though? Take time with your skin, have a day where all you do is use luke warm water to wash it in the morning and DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the tips of your fingers at the end of the day or by lunch time if being barefaced is killing you and run it over your t zone, over your cheeks and around your eyes. How does it feel?

If it feels like your sweating/greasy on your forehead or that it has a shine to it while the rest of your face feels pretty ok, then you have oily skin, look for products designed for oily skin, and be gentle! If you aggrevate your skin with products that are harsh then you'll cause your skin to produce more oil leading to a breakout which is not cool! And remember a little oil on your skin is fine, it's what gaves us a shiney healthy glow way back when we lived al fresco in our birthday suits and it keeps our skin moisturised naturally.

If your skin feels slightly rough in places and tight, sore or itchy then you have dry skin, buy products with built in moisturisers and up your water intake. Do not use strong, perfumed, colourful or harsh products on your skin because it will strip your skin of the little oil it has cinging to it use gentle soothing products that are perfume and free of anything artificial that you do not need. NEVER EVER USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE it dries your skin out like the sahara sun! And moisturise liberally, I recommend a rich moisturiser on a night to soak in and have your skin moisturised in the morning and a light long lasting skin qunecher after you have cleaned up your face for the day. Also stay away from hot water, use luke warm water on your skin, hot water strips the skin of the oils it needs too so be gentle with yourself, you're a delicate rose of a skin type, you need TLC!

If your skin feels soft, not rough anywhere, not overly greasy or tight or itchy then congratulations! You have normal skin! Now just to keep it from falling into one of the other catagories :P Stick to products that are designed for normal skin, never be tempted to buy anything other! Also, like with dry skin, stick to luke warm water when washing, your skin obviously has enough of its oil on it to keep it healthy but using hot water will strip that off and leave your dry. Other than that your skin seems to take care of itself pretty fine on its own, just keep it on the right track to supple skin success!

Your skin feels greasy and has some pimples on the t zone, but everywhere else is feeling a bit dry and tight, tchy and rough? Your skin is combination, which is a tricky one, but again, the beauty industry is a clever machine and has churned out many a fine product for you to use in the quest for sexy skin :) As well as having a good mooch down to your chemist or skin care stockists to find the bottles labelled "combination skin" drinking more water, using gentle products designed for you and not scrubbing your skin (it aggrevates it like crazy kay?).

Your skin feels a little too smooth to be normal, looks shiney, feels a little tender to touch? Your skin is sensitive. Now then like everyother skin type, now you know what you have get the right products! Get products like the simple range that are free form any ingredients known to aggrevate skin and make it tender! Avoid the sun! If you are a tan-a-holic I appologise but really, there are bronzers, self tans and spray tans you do not need to expose yourself so willingly to the sun to go bronze. Also, be careful with hair sprays, use a free hand or a shirt to cover your face when spritzing your barnett to oblivion to make it stay where you want it. Also, when taking off your make up, don't use baby wipes, use proper wipes which are for sensitive skin to minimise any risk of aggrevation.

So now you know skin types and the care types of care they need :D
Might make this a once a week thing or just when I cannot get together some material to post :) I dunno, but enjoy.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hermionie Granger too school for cool :)

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It is taking every ounce of my self control not to buy everything there it is just so amazing! Also, my bank balance right now does not stretch to buying a full range of ecological, skin friendly make-ups that I would sell my entire music and CD collection to own... no... too tempting.
Anyway, lets calm ourselves from excited screaming and arm flailing, we have work to do, mainly that of transforming ourselves into little intellectual godesses or gods :)

Here we go:
Fistly you want a sheer coral lip colour like Avons shine attract lipstick in guava which is what I used, soft grey eyeshadow (I used Urban Decay in mushrrom), volumising mascara such as bourjoise volumiser mascara, dark pink blusher (like sleeks blusher in flamingo), highlighter powder (mine came from the Ruby and Millie palette I own) and coral lipgloss (I have Barry M's lipgloss in #9)

Firstly, apply the eyeshadow, apply it only on your eyelid and layer colour to make it really rich and shiney, like molten metal on your eyelid. Then dab a blusher brush onto your blusher, depending on how bright the blusher you use is, if it is not very bright, build up colour sweeping from the front of your cheek, by your nose, to your temple over and over until it looks like you're slightly pink, as if from running around :) If your blusher is very pigmented and therefore super bright, dab a tiny amount on to the front of the cheek by the nose and tap off the rest from your brush, then sweep the brush up and down to your temple and back to create a wash of colour.
Now apply highlighter just above the blusher lightly over the cheeks and more concentrated over the temple. Then apply lipstick, to get a nice glazing of the lipstick, apply the lippy then blot, repeat 3 times to build good colour, then apply a wash of gloss over that and sweep off excess with your little finger. I've left mascara until last because it gets in the way of your eyeshadow application otherwise and is the finishing touch, make sure you have a good fat brush for the mascara and apply two coats to your lids, using a brow comb to seperate lashes after each coat and you'll look like a brainy know-it-all before you know it :)
This has been my last potter post guys! Oh well, on wards to more miscellany now :) have fun, be fierce and colour your face in :D

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just Dumbling along.

Yay I'm back from my suprise sleep over with my little cousins... hadn't originally intended to stay there but oh well :P
Tonight as well as my posts intnded look, is the make up I did for my little cousins school disco she looked preeetty :D
Oki doki, here is what we used to get a dumbledorey look, I pickd up on his opulance, he was always seen in richly coloured fabrics and metallic trims. A truely wizrdly wizard :)

Gold eyeliner (Mine was achieved using Avons colourtrend transforming eyeliner to turn the manly palettes G9 into an eyeliner), metallic red eyeshadow (I used R2 in the Manly palette I've coded), gold glitter liner (Mine is collection 2000's funk #3), clear mascara (again, a collection 2000 item) and shimmering body powder (mine is Urban Decays cherry lemonade powder you can lick it! IT TASTES AMAZING! Ahem... tangent).
Ok, firstly, coat your lids in the red, layer up the colour for as much depth as you can, then apply your gold eyeliner thickly on your upper lash line and then, instead of flicing it outwards, swirl it outwards as much as you like I've done 3 swirls. Now dot some gold gliter among the swirls and line under your lashline with gold glitter. Slick your clear mascara on your lashes. Grab your shimmer powder, and if you've got a powder puff if not use a kabuki or large powder brush to apply powder around your eyes.

Simple isn't it :D
Anyway chickas, tomorrow is Hermionie :)
This is my cousin going to her dance, she's stoked to be on the blog xD
TADAAAA am I a lovely cousin or what ;D

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Harry Potter :D

Oki doki :D tonight for your viewing pleasure I bring Harry Potter :D well... sort of :)
I brought Harry inspired make up instead, lightening bolty and sparkly good fun :D
OK, for this look grab yourself some red tinted lipsalve or gloss (I used a lipsmackers lipbalm in strawberry fanta... tastes so goood), highly pigmented black liquid liner (I have benefits magic ink its  very dark and very precise), a shimmering red eyeshadow (Mine is R4 from  my coded manly palette), a gold eyeshdaow (G4 from the manly palette) and gold glitter eyeliner (I have collection 2000 glitter gel liner in funk #3)

Ok how to, fistly draw a thin line of black liner on your upper lid, start in the middle of your lid and move to the outer corner, then complete the line by starting at the inner corner and drawing to meet the line starting in the middle :). then extend the line past the outer corner about a centimeter or the width of your thumb nail, then where that ends draw a slanted line upwards towards your eye and then where that ends draw another shorter horizontal line outwards. Start another line of eyeliner a little way above the original line, begin it around a third of the way into your eye lid and draw a straight line parallel to the one below it, copy your lines for the lower half of the lightening bolt to make a complete bolt :D do this for both eyes.

Now fill in the bolt with gold glitter and grab an eyeshadow brush, apply red into the crease starting at the bolt, above the top line and apply right until you reach the inner corner of your eye, now, below that, in the gap between your red shadow and your lashes, apply gold. Now sweep your lipgloss/ lipbalm whatever onto your lips.

Oki doki, tomorrow could be dumbledore or Hermionie... tweet me which would be cooler :D

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Go go Gryffindor!

Welp, this has taken too long to do! Searching for my eyelashes has been a chore :( I have these amazing gold flecked falsies I was determined to use for this look, and during the change over between little box and big box I must have misplaced them. NOT FOR  LONG I found them again ^_^ In the Ruby and Millie Palette :)all is well and the post can go ahead.
So, here's what I used a pair of eyelurs girls aloud lashes, Cheryls (the ones with the gold flecks on them), pale gold eyeshadow (I used G1 from myu coded Manly palette), a golden eyeshadow (mine was G4 from my coded Manly Palette), red eyeliner (I used Barry Ms #25) and a gold lipstick or lip crayon (I used the golden body paint crayon frome the non rinbow pack from claries accessories).
Oki doki then on we go! Firstly you want to line your eyes, start at the outer corner and using the broadside of the pencil line a little way into the lid, then taper the thickness of the line outwards into a flick, and inwards down to the corner of the eye. When you get to the corner of the eye, use the braodside of the pencil again to shade the tear duct area. Then carefully apply false lashes. After that, shade all of the lid up to your brows with the pale gold eyeshadow and then shade in the crease with the more solid gold colour.
After that apply your gold lipstick or whatever it is you're using to create a golden hue upon your pout. :D

There we have it, after all that time searching for my lashes :D Tomorrow satarts the characters and the beginning of the end.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cho Changtastic

Sat  here blogging to you, wearing a nice face mask and chilling out :D Sounds like the life doesn't it!
Anyway here's the dealio this is what I used:
a pinky-reddish blusher (mines sleek make-ups blusher in flamingo), coffee coloured lipstick [think latte not espresso!] (mines collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in angel delight), bronze or copper eyeliner (I've used #29 Barry M) and brown eyeliner (mine is another Barry M #2).
This look is quite relaxed, feminine and unlike some other looks I have done, a nice day time or evening look. Quite respectable really haha.
See :)
OK, now how to do this, apply your foundation or base however you usually do, there is a post further back on how to get a flawless complection on here, so do check that out :). Once you have your base, sweep on some of the blusher lightly, tap off any excess from the brush to avoid looking like you have just run a million miles. Then apply the bronze or copper liner half way across your upper lid, sticking close to the lash line and gradually thicken the line a little until you are satisfied, then where you left off with the bronze or copper pick up with the brown and blend where they meet, flicking the liner up from the outer corner. Now line as close to the lower lashline as you can and blend it to look smokey, then apply lashings of your best loved mascara to your lashes. Now apply your lippy blot, and reapply, if you want your lips to last, apply some lipcote, it works wonders :D it has saved me trips for reapplications on many a night out.

Enjoy, next is my Hogwarts house, Gryffindor, till then my darlings

Friday, 13 July 2012

A little Luna-tic

Oki doki, I'm back, I am also ill! I was worse yesterday than I have been today so I am posting... despite being surrounded by tissues.
Well here we have Luna... I sparkled this one up because she is a sparkly so and so!
Anyway here we gooooo:
I used: Light purple body glitter and irridescent body glitter (from a rainbow set of 10 by claires accesories), silver eyeliner (no#11 from Barry M), silver glitter liner (#4 "Hustle" from collection 2000), purple mascara (electric purple from Barry M), sheer pink lipgloss ( beautyuk's lip lust in #6 oh baby)

Righty, simple pinple this, once you've applied your foundation or whatever you are putting on your face over all, apply the purple body glitte under your eye and some irridescent glitter in your eyebrows. Then line your upper lid in silver and line over that in the glitter gel liner. Then line under your lower lashline in the glitter gel. Then go mad with the purple mascara to build up some major colour.

After wards apply the lipgloss in a nice sheen over your lips. This look is super quick and super simple.

You'll have trouble getting the glitter out of your brows by the way if you just use a face wash or wipe, I suggest using the brush end of an eyebrow comb to brush it out, go against the way your eyebrows lie so you get everything out then wash your face.
Tomorrow it is Cho Chang ;)
toodle pip xxxxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

That's so Rowena Ravenclaw!

Righty! Good omen this, being able to update again second day in a row... we should count this! Number of days I update without messing up and missing a post! Or is that a load of rubbish?
Anywaaaay... I'll just get on with the post shall I?
 Rowena was a beautiful scottish witch, very smart, very powerful and a co founder of Hogwarts. She's the lady who "lost" her diadem (a thin crown that encircles your head rather than sits on top of your head) in the story way way back, leading onto various shenanigans later in time in the books... yup... anyway...This is what I used to get a Rowena inspired look: shimmering cream eyeshadow (I used Urban Decay "Sellout") a blue eyeliner (I used avons super shock shimmering sapphire gel liner that's in the pot not a pencil), a bronze eyeliner (Barry M's kohl pencil in #29), rose pink lipstick (I used collection 2000's cream puff matte lip cream in cotton candy 1) and any mascara you happen to prefer I have used mine as always Maybellines great lash.

On with the how to:
Line your upper lid with the blue liner, flick the liner out from the outer end of the eyelid and blend it so that it fades at a gradient. then line your lower lash line with a thin line of the bronze eyeliner. Use an eyeshadow brush and just lightly apply a wash of eyeshadow onto your lid and take the colour up to your brow. Then coat your lashes up with your mascara so they are thick and flirty.
Now for your lips, just ose one coat of your lipstick, if it's a glossy lipstick, blot it, if it's a matte one, just leave it at one coat and you're sorted :D
Now I am gonna go on to Luna Lovegood next... Be prepared :D She is one of the characters I most relate to and I intend to go full sparkle with it.
Also, bought myself a whooping great big tool box for my make up, has wheels and everything! It replaces my old box which was busting at the seams lemme show you:
Imagine this with 3 palettes, two tins full of false lashes and 2 packs of baby wipes plus a tub of brushes... it was madness! So I bought this today:
15 liters (or 12 gallons) of portable joy!
It will end up glitter glued into oblivion, the process has already begun as we speak.
Till tomorrow my loves!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


OK, back on the band wagon after my weird complicated and painful spat with my boyfriend. Won't bore you with that and so on with the look.
We're picking up where we left of with the dawning of the Ravenclaw look *mad scramble for her camera*... Did this one poised in the wingback leather chair my Grandma has in her sitting room while being lectured on the virtues of natural beauty and how girls wear too much make up now by my Grandad (he was from the 60's, the age of inch thick panstick... What cheek!).
Anyhoo, onwards march darlings!
I used a bronze eyeshadow (R2 from the Manly palette I coded for and royal blue eyeshadow (a blend of Pu6 and B7 from the same palette follow the previous link :D), also used a bronze lipstick, mines a w7 one called gold mine (it's not so much gold a a copper colour... but whatever it matched the look :))

Anyway simple pimple this one, firstly from the inner corner of your eye to the half in to the lid, use the bronze shadow and apply it upto the brow not passing that half way mark and line under your lower lash line with the bronze colour. For the rest of the lid including upto the brow like with the bronze use the royal blue, blending the two colours over each other for a rich blue colour and do the same lining below the lash line. Now apply lipstick a sure way to get rich and lasting colour is to apply, the blot with a tissue then apply again. Told you it was simple ;)
Apologies that you can see right up my nose here xD

Monday, 2 July 2012

A product reviiieeeew: Moisturiser.

Funny one to start with, but before I put any make up on my face, especially powder, I make sure I have cleansed and moisturised my face. So I'm reviewing moisturiser I have owned several types, brands and other things over time and I have found the best one to be Johnsons daily essentials. They go on silky and absorb quickly and even for sensetive skin they are non greasy. They aren't too expensive either which is a bonus!
The pots are small but they go a long way and I'm pretty sure are available across the globe for all your faces to feel refreshed and fancy ready to apply your make up and get going!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Snape... Snape.... Severus Snape

Elongate every s in his name and it sounds wonderful :DAnyway, I was going to do Voldemort only I felt his face is something I would want to fully replicte down to slit nosey glory. But it would cost too much money to do the prosthetics or to buy enough fx-wax to cover the area it would be too expensive to do :(. So we have some snapey goodness :D.
Anyway, I copied the make up he has on set, which is somecross between cranky grease ball and shattered teacher. Gotta sympathise with his character, I won't say why because if you haven't seen the films I would end up spoiling it.
For the look I used: Black eyeshadow (Bl1 from the Manly 120 palette I coded), mascara (maybelline great lash), face powder (collecyion 2000 loose translucent powder), foundation (benefit some kinda gorgeous lite).
(I'm not going mad here haha it's me trying to do a Snape like look with sarcasticly raised eyebrow, but I fail... Oh well)
Ok the how to bit. It is super simple you may have already guessed how to do it... But tell you anyway, I will.

Powder up your face with a large powder brush swirled in a little of the powder tapped into the lid of the powder conatiner then you'll have just the right amount on the brush to apply without looking fluffy due to too much powder. Then tap a tiny amount of black eyeshadow onto an eyeshadow brush and blend it all over your lid and upto your brows, build up the colour to a washed out grey colour then sweep a tiny amount of black under your eye to look like under eye shadows when you are tired. Now just apply a lil bitty mascara and you are done :)